Tuesday, August 9, 2011

{Near Mono Lake Aug 2011)

{Eastern Sierras Near Mono Lake Aug 2011}

{Laws Museum August 2011}

{Laws Museum Bishop, CA Aug. 2011}

{A boy's play yard}

{Laws Museum August 2011}

{CA Highway 6}

{Bishop, CA}

I just couldn't help but laugh when I came across this sign. I was roaming through the outskirts of Bishop, CA trying to find Laws Museum when my husband drove right passed this sign. I had him turn around and go back just so I could shoot this photograph. Apparently HWY 6 was an old Army highway. Why the Army found a need to place a sign in CA that reads the miles to MA on the other side of the country is beyond me but I'm sure glad they did! It made for a great photograph and lots of laughter in a car with two cranky kids that just wanted out!

{A dying forest}

{Horseshoe Lake Mammoth, CA}
August 2011

"Since 1980, scientists have monitored geologic unrest in Long Valley Caldera and at adjacent Mammoth Mountain, California. After a persistent swarm of earthquakes beneath Mammoth Mountain in 1989, geologists discovered that large volumes of carbon dioxide (CO2 ) gas were seeping from beneath this volcano. This gas is killing trees on the mountain and also can be a danger to people. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) continues to study the CO2 emissions to help protect the public from this invisible potential hazard."
For more information about the dying trees around Horseshoe Lake visit the USGS website here.
Quote taken from website linked above

{Eastern Sierras August 2011}

{Lake Mary woods just after the rain}

 {Twin Lakes Mammoth, CA}

 {Just below Lake Saddlebag: elevation 10,000 ft}

{Rainbow Falls Ansel Adams Wilderness}
sadly there wasn't a rainbow when I went; that's a rare occasion