Tuesday, August 25, 2009

{Mammoth Spring 2008}

{Mammoth Lakes, CA May/June 2008}


  1. Love them all, especially the bird photo. You nailed them... Keep it up; you really have some good sense of composition up in Mammoth.

  2. Thanks! It's become my other home since I've met my husband. It's been his second home all of his life and is an important part of his life, truly a part of his heart...I think maybe that's why I find inspiration through the viewfinder when I'm there!

  3. I love Mammoth! My husband actually grew up in Bishop, California which is really close to Mammoth. He has a special feeling for Mammoth too and spent a lot of time up there as a kids. He has taken us there a few times to share it with us too. Great pictures. I am going to take a look around now!

  4. Amazing. These are all beautiful. I can't just pick one. :o)


    (From New Friend Fri.- The Trendy Treehouse)